Where would you be … ?

4D8ED971-7538-47ED-A5FE-293593407C6CIf the pandemic did not happen, where would you be …?

I’m sure, everyone out there had some sort of plans, before things got critical with the corona virus.  I’m sure most of us are supposed to be some place else, instead of where we are right now.

As for me, I’m supposed to be on a 5 star cruise ship, working as a full time portrait/wedding photographer.
I got hired on 11th of February.
I was supposed to leave on Friday 17th of April.
I was supposed to fly to Germany.
I was supposed to cruise up to the magnificent Norwegian fjords, to record love, joy, special moments and spectacular places.
I was supposed to live on a ship with 5200 passengers and over 2000 crew members, for at least 6 months.
My visas to the United States and Australia were issued, I received the required jabs and my uniforms were ordered.
The ship is still in Germany. It has never left. Neither did I.
Life has made another plan, but not just for me, for all of us.

Isolation is shaping us in many different ways, and I’m sure, everyone can notice this.

As I was gathering my thoughts to compose this post, I realised something.
I have been moving around since I turned 24.
This June I will have my last birthday, beginning with number 3, which means that I have been in MOTION for almost 15 years. This time includes some epic trips, but also some complicated moves from one place to another due to different life events.

If I was not on the go, I would be always thinking and planning the next step, where to go, how to go, what to take, what to leave behind.
Now, all of a sudden, there’s nowhere to go. No aeroplane to catch. No backpacks and luggage to pack. No ships to sail off.  I have to stay put.  I have to embrace the stillness.

Processed with VSCO with ka1 preset

As I connected the dots, and I looked back, I understood me. I realised how much adaptation I needed, and we all need to cope with this stillness that was forced on us, to keep us safe.
It is a geographical stillness however.  On a spiritual level there is a massive motion all across our beautiful World, and we are probably more connected to each other than ever.

The current situation requires from all of us an incredible amount of adaptation both mentally and physically. And we are doing it. Which means we are growing! Little by little we are succeeding every day, and this keeps our boat moving, even without a full wind.
Yes, geographically we are still, but very much in MOTION 🕊

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