The year of stillness with a bit of Tuscany …

It’s been a long while since I last posted here. Just like most of us I’ve been putting all my energies into adapting to this new reality that we are currently living in.

As an artist the best way for me to feed my soul and to get inspired is to travel. To discover new cultures, new landscapes and to connect to people of other countries.

Tuscany was on my bucket list for approximately 16 years, but I never in a million years would have imagined that I was going to visit this miracle place in a middle of a pandemic.

In the summer it actually seemed like things were massively improving with the virus. The infection rates were dropping significantly, especially in Italy.

In early September with all the precautions and safety measures I took a leap and flew right into the Italian dream, as travelling was permitted at that time in Europe.

Of course I saw Tuscany in movies, books, postcards and on the Internet before my trip, but I never imagined that reality was going to be far more beautiful than the finest photographs or documentaries could ever present it. 

I spent two weeks under the Tuscan sun, and every day was a real adventure.

After four months of lockdown, and the summer spent with constant studying, walking all day every day, for two weeks was a real blessing.

My favourite town was the historical Lucca with its picturesque walls that were built during the Renaissance. 

The most delicious food I had was in the dreamy Cortona, where I also found the cutest little church ever. Its cupola looks just like the Italian Christmas cake called Panettone.

The best wine bar was located in the medieval town of Siena. With its cosiness and friendly staff it was a real treat sipping a glass of wine after a long day of walking and sightseeing.

Visiting a prestigious vineyard of Montalcino was a once in a lifetime experience, and it made my trip even more special.

Driving through morning mist, chasing rainbows after heavy storms, overlooking ancient cities from high up domes, visiting the most exquisite artworks in the finest museums and galleries, getting peace and quiet in sacred churches … this trip had it all …

But the most outstanding experience was finding my home amongst the Tuscan hills.

I never even dared to dream about having a house in Tuscany … It is probably true that magical things can happen when you least expect it …

I’m counting the days until I can finally return and I can put all my love and care into the place that I can finally call HOME.

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