3 Days with the Lensbaby Edge Series

Since I absolutely adore my Lensbaby Edge Optics and their beautiful slice of focus, I decided to take pictures of the same subject for 3 days using:

  • On Day 1: the Edge 35
  • On Day 2: the Edge 50
  • And on Day 3: the Edge 80 Optic. 

I was very curious to see how the images were going to compare.

You would think: ‘Eh! They are the same, only the focal lengths are different.’ 

Well, reality could not be any further!

Day 1 –  Edge 35

This optic is the newest member of my Lensbabies.

Shot with Lensbaby Edge 35 Optic

Prior to purchasing this lens I was shooting primarily with the Edge 80 for about a month and a half. Changing to a much wider angle felt very strange at first.

Looking through the viewfinder for the first time made me feel like I sunk into a surreal world:  How can so much information fit into one single frame ?! 

My brain got totally confused in a weirdly wonderful way. I was so used to focusing purely on my subjects and  their surroundings didn’t really catch my attention. All of a sudden I started observing my subjects in a way that I never did before, and I realised their surroundings are just as exciting as the subjects themselves. 

Shot with Lensbaby Edge 35 + OMNI Stretch Wand

I can say this with confidence even though it wasn’t love at first sight, I’m very much in love with my Edge 35 now!  


It is an incredibly versatile lens:

  • It is wide enough to capture landscapes / cityscapes 
  • Also great for architectural photography
  • You can get real close to your subjects
  • It picks up the finest details, so it is a perfect choice for products / flowers / still life, or for anything really that you want to capture by enhancing details.
  • It is a wonderful choice for storytelling 
  • It is excellent for portrait photography too.

So you can use this lens pretty much for anything.

The secret of adapting my visual thinking into such a wide angle was practice, practice and practice more. That’s it really. I spent hours and hours, day by day photographing different subjects, and here I am now, madly in love with this beautiful optic. 

Shot with Lensbaby Edge 35 + OMNI Stretch Wand

I absolutely love how the Edge 35 is wide enough to show everything that surrounds my subjects, but instead of being distracting having all that information in one frame, it actually draws the attention to the subject through its environment.

Day 2 – Edge 50

The Edge 50 is the perfect in between optic: neither wide, neither narrow. Looking at my images taken with this lens makes me feel like I’m looking at traditional film photographs.

It creates a very special mood that I adore so much.

Shot with Lensbaby Edge 50 Optic

In comparison to the Edge 35:

  • It is still wide enough to capture landscapes
  • Being 50mm is a classic focal length for portraits 
  • It is a great choice for still life photography, as your subjects would have just the right amount of surroundings 
  • Compared to the 35mm you will not have any distortions in your images (that’s another extra perk for the Edge 35! Being wide angle you get a slight distortion, but instead of disturbing it is rather a wonderful and creative vision).
Shot with Lensbaby Edge 50 Optic + OMNI Stretch Wand

Day 3 – Edge 80

Changing from 50 to 80mm was an absolute joy for me. 

When I took my first 80mm shot my stomach got filled with butterflies, and my eyes with tears, as the beauty of the photograph I captured was beyond my imagination. It was like a little piece of heaven, and I told myself that Lensbaby photography cannot get any better than shooting with the Edge 80.

Shot with Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic + OMNI Stretch Wand

The Edge 80 is a state of art. It is the perfect lens to photograph details (that I adore!) and to fully focus on the subject itself, fading everything around it in a beautiful way.

The areas in focus are crisp sharp and full of fine details, and the smoothness of the blur is just out of this world. With this lens you can truly transform the most ordinary subject into the extraordinary.

In comparison to the Edge 35 and 50:

  • Your photo is about the subject itself 
  • It is quite a narrow focal length so there is not much room for what surrounds your subjects
  • It is all about the details
  • It creates the smoothest and silkiest blur in the out of focus areas (out of the three optics I find the Edge 80 having the silkiest blur).

I’m so happy that I came up with the idea of spending 3 days with my Lensbaby Edge Optics. Shooting a whole day with one and then the following day changing to another really made me see how beautifully different they are.

Using the same series of optics, and exploring how they act in different focal lengths has transformed  my photographic vision immensely.

I know what you’re thinking now: ‘But which is your favourite one …?’

Honestly, it would be incredibly difficult to choose between the Edge 35 and the Edge 80. 

I am obsessed with details and they both enhance those in their own magical way. 

Looking at the world around me through the Edge 35 my perception has changed. I’m still obsessed with details and getting close to my subjects, but I grew to adore their surroundings too.

The Edge 80 is pure magic. No piece of equipment has ever made me feel the way this optic has.The areas in focus are super sharp and crisp and the blur around it looks like velvet. This also relies on the Edge 35.

So I guess the most adequate answer I could give to this question is that they are both my favourites!

I hope you enjoyed my little 3 day adventure as much as I did, because for sure I had so much fun with these beautiful Lensbabies.

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