Hello World …

It’s been a long while, since I’ve been aiming to have a little corner in the virtual world that I can call HOME.

I wanted to have a little space for myself, where I can, not only exhibit my artwork, but where I can also create, dream, share, express what matters to me, and where I can convey the way I see and feel this beautiful World around us.

I wanted to have a real living and organic space on the web, instead of a static page, where I purely showcase my photos.

I had many attempts in the past, plenty of trials and errors, and although I have always had positive feedbacks on how I compose my thoughts, somehow I have always felt there was something missing. I would publish a post, illustrate it with my photos, spend hours and days to compose my thoughts into a decent form, and weeks later I would archive it. It felt like, somehow, the work was not forming an organic whole …  There was a gap … An empty space that I did not know how to fill in …

Why? Why would I start something, and invest so much time and creative energy into it, and then abandon it altogether? Now I know. I did not feel HOME._M7A3798

Once I read an interesting approach on ‘the feel of home.’ The writer said, until we search for home in the outside world, we will always feel that something is missing, and we would be constantly longing, and feeling incomplete. According to her approach,  home is within us, and in order, to feel home, we need soul searching, more than physically seeking for an exact location that we can call home.

I am not saying wether she is right or wrong, but I think there is some definite truth in her theory. For instance if I look at my situation: I created this website in November 2017. Why do I feel NOW that this is my place? Have I upgraded to more digital features? Have I gone to college to become a better writer? Neither of them. Nothing has changed in the OUTSIDE. The change has happened WITHIN. My website is the same. I use the same template, I have not completed a web designer course either. The investment and the upgrade happened within myself, and this work allows me to finally call this place, NOACREATIONS.COM , as my Virtual Home.

Dear Reader, welcome to my colourful World. I hope it will give as much joy reading it, as it is giving me creating it.