This page is dedicated to all the amazing people, who had a major influence on my life.

Some of them know each other, but most of them don’t.

Some of them helped me to find new paths, helped me to let things go, helped me to progress with my career. Some of them massively shaped my artistic talent, some of them taught me to love myself, educated me to see and find beauty in everything. Some allowed me to be ME, and made me happy about me being me …

All of them are very different.

They all have different jobs. Some of them are already on top of their games, and I admire their success. Some of them are re starting, changing career, and I love their bravery and commitment to their dreams.

They all have different lifestyles and different backgrounds. They have different views and visions, some are religious, some are spiritual, and some call themselves atheists.  They are all from different countries and speak different languages, some are sporty and some are not, some like the rain and some don’t… One thing is the same for sure: They all are Beautiful Souls of this World, and I will be forever grateful that I have crossed path with them.

My list could go on, describing how they shaped and added value to my life, but I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Dear Viewer, let me introduce you to my Inspirations…

Fine Art Prints are available upon request.



Farah – BALHAM, London – Origin: Pakistan



Alberto – CANARY WHARF, London – Origin: Italy



Sharon – Canary Wharf, LONDON – Origin: UK & Jamaica